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What is VB Disposable wet towel ?

Offered to customers to clean hands and face to give a refreshing feeling and a unique sense of unwinding prior to relaxing. Once customers are in this state, moods are lifted, all other services are greater appreciated and your customer service is brought up to a whole new level just from a simple gesture.

Disposable wet wipes

2 sizes available . 300mm x 600mm / 300mm x 300mm


Why VB Care Wet Wipes?

・European advanced technology ・Super stretch and strong ・Non-alcohol ・Paraben free ・Pure water 98.9% ・Anti-virus ・Anti-bacteria ・Soft on the skin

Warming up by hot towel on a cold winter day Refreshment by chilled towel on a hot summer day This can never be offered with chemical fiber wet towels.

VB Disposable wet towels require less effort compared to reused towels and customers will be impressed by the gesture and feel cleaner than a normal towel.

Our Customer reviews

I like that the size is large enough to wipe the whole face and that its moisture content is high.

(reviewed by Medical field)

The material is thick enough and soft on the skin. Very useful for all seasons.

(reviewed by hair salon)

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