Spring SALE, 10% Off, $0.855/Wipe + postage (Minimum Order: 600pc)

AROMA Premium single-use wet wipes

made in Japan for Hotel Spa Restaurant , 600pc(Only $0.855/Towel) + Postage

Please choose from Citral, Peppermint, Lavender:

AROMA Premium keeps you fresh and clean anytime, anywhere!

Pre-moistened, individually wrapped supreme hand wipe

Choice of 3 delightful aroma oil extracts:




Highest spunlace manufacturing method (80g/m2)

3-layer construction:

water-absorbing, water-retentive and add strength

Eco-friendly product: made from pure rayon and pulp

No pertochemical fibers or adhesion binders

100% natural and biodegradable

AROMA Premium is updated version of AROMA PAPER TOWEL

with adding the patented VB-Virus Block technology.

Perfect for various types of business!

@Hotel Reception

@Hire Car, Coach Company, Tour Company

@Car Dealer

@Nail salon

@Nursing home care, Child Care, Hospital, or Dentist

@Spa and Hair Salon

@After sports event and exercise(Gym, Golf, Tennis, Bowling, or BBQ)

@ Cafe

@Car wash

Spring SALE, 10% Off, $0.855/Wipe + postage (Minimum Order: 600pc)

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