Difference between our oshibori and others

Eco & Fresh Oshlbori Disposable Wet Towel Disposable Wet Tissue Linen Company Hand Towels
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Customer's Feedback
Very Satisfied

(Feel like a VIP)
"My hands feel dry and fresh after I use the Oshibori"


(Strong smell & feels cheap)
"My hands feel very sticky and smelly"

Very Poor

(Strong smell and feels like I'm in a takeaway restaurant)
"Very strong alcohol smell and rips straight away"


(Uneven moisture)
"My hands still feel wet and not clean"


Eco&Fresh towels at Jazushi restaurant

What is a Refreshing Towel?


Refreshing towels [Oshibori] are wet, hot or cold towels, offered to customers to clean their hands and face. They give the customer a refreshed feeling, and provide a unique sense of unwinding prior to a meal, a drink or just relaxing. What started as a hospitality tradition in Japan many years ago has now grown and been adopted by restaurants, bars, luxury spas, hotels and even airlines around the world.

Why Oshibori

Greasy fingers

Eating fried chicken & peeling prawn shells make your hands messy!!


They give you a quick refreshing feeling!!

Enhanced experience

Happy Customers can really enjoy their meal!!

Customer’s Voice

Restaurants of various different cuisine and other businesses are already using Eco&Fresh's towels! Here are some examples!

Spice Temple

Award winning modern Chinese cuisine

"Attention to detail is a small part of customer care, but a very important part of our business. That’s why we use Eco&Fresh hand towels for our customers. Eco&Fresh hand towels are a very attractive, hygienic, refreshing, and totally different product compared to the normal hand towels we used to use."


Australia's first authentic, high-quality Japanese BBQ restaurant

"Authentic cuisine needs authentic customer service. We believe “Oshibori” towels are an essential supporting tool for our authentic Japanese cuisine experience. Eco&Fresh hand towels are very hygienic and reliable for our customer service use."

Wedding Planner

Some of the most fashionable and high-end wedding planners are loving using Eco&Fresh towels for their events

"The customers love having nice cold refreshing towels when a wedding is outside on a very hot summer day. In the cooler months we hand out the towels heated, and customers love them too."